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Soshana is one of the few Austrian painters of the 20th century to have aroused international interest.

From the figurative Social Realism of her early years, she found her own stylistic way of Abstract Art. Reduced calligraphic graphics are among her works, as well as flamboyant, vibrant paintings.

Soshana lived and worked among the artistic and intellectual Avantgarde in Paris and New York, had encounters and relationships with central figures of her time, like Picasso, Giacometti, J.P. Sartre, Albert Schweitzer, Arnold Schönberg and many more.

But what had inspired Soshana most, was travelling. A restless collector of worlds, most of her life was a journey across the globe. Cuba, Japan, China, India, Israel, Africa, Mexico, South-East Asia, Australia or the Caribbean – there is no continent, she did not visit.

A strong woman, painting strong pictures.